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NCD Policy

XCID, presently fully Nigerian owned, is committed to the Nigeria Local Content Policy of the Federal Government of Nigeria and promises to always be in full compliance. In current and future strategic technical partnership, we will promote the development of local knowhow through formal and on-the-job training. Utilization of non-Nigerians resources in our business will be on as per need basis while remaining in full compliance of with the Federal Government Policy.

We also promise to play our part in contribution to the development of local capacity by actively supporting our Universities in Research and Industrial Training Fund (ITF) through provision of placement for SIWES.

How Does It Work

NCD Plan

Nigerian Local Content Development Plan documents how as a company we practice or intend to pursue a laudable initiative set out by the Federal Government of Nigeria to ensure that value is added to or created in the Nigerian economy through the utilization of Nigerian human, material resources and services in the Oil and Gas industry resulting in the development of indigenous capabilities, and to encourage foreign investment and participation, without compromising quality, health, safety and environmental standards.

Xcid Global Solutions Ltd is a 100% Nigerian owned indigenous oil Service Company. At Xcid Global Solutions Ltd we are of the view that maximizing local content is not only politically sensible but makes good business sense as lower composite rates can be realized by increasing Nigerian labor and material resources especially where these items are readily available and the prices are commercially attractive.

Our objectives for local content development in Nigeria include:

  • Increasing value-added content, thereby contributing to national economic development as well as that of our stakeholders, partners, clients, companies, employees and contractors.
  • Transfer technology and develop local know-how.
  • Developing local engineers and staff technical knowledge such that all projects can be executed using 100% Nigerians.

We enhance Nigerian local content via the following mechanisms:

  • Project specific local content plan
  • Employing competent and qualified local contractors to provide technical and non-technical services and support (when required).
  • Investing in the development and training of Nigerians to participate in higher-level activities than hitherto.
  • Investing in office, logistics, accommodation, computing systems and other business support infrastructure, goods, and services, all of which are purchased locally to augment other equipment procured internationally.

Our focus is helping to increase the capacity of Nigerians and Nigerian companies in a range of oil and gas industry activities: from design and engineering to exploration and drilling. This supports the Federal Government’s drive to increase Nigerian participation in the oil and gas industry. By developing a skilled Nigerian workforce, we can lower operating costs over the long term while contributing to a more prosperous and stable Nigeria.

Our corporate strategy is to systematically accelerate the transfer of technology, engineering experience, and specialized know-how from our Nigerian staffs who have worked overseas for International companies to Indigenous Nationals. In projects where we need specialized knowledge or know-how from foreign technical partners or expatriates; Xcid Global Solutions Ltd will build training into the project execution plan and ensure that Indigenous Staff are trained during the execution of such projects.

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