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Our Services

Consultancy / Manpower Outsourcing

We can provide for you Consultants in any aspect of Petroleum Engineering to help in realizing...

Portfolio Robustness Review

As professionals in the industry, we have had experience working with NAPIMS and JV Partners to assure the robustness...

Field Review and Development Planning

XCID comes into play by providing the integrated petroleum engineering work to locate drillable reserves and...

Wells & Reservoir Management

Once exploration, appraisal and development of a field is completed, the operate phase is the longest and the cash engine of the business.

Hydrocarbon Development and Production Services / Production Enhancement Solutions

Don’t hesitate to throw your challenging production problems to us...

Geological & Reservoir Evaluation Services

We provide you services to carry out rock sample (cores, sws, etc) qualitative and / or quantitative descriptions as necessary...

About Us

Committed To Excellence

Xcid Global Solutions Limited is a limited liability company registered with CAC. It was incorporated on 29th June 2019. Just as the name suggests, our primary purpose of being in business is to provide solutions that will make our clients smile. In the Oil and Gas industry arm of the business, we pack a punch of valuable experience among the Directors and Associates such that for most challenges that you will have, there is a most probable chance that we have seen it, done it and solved it.

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